Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get your pet organized

January is National Organization Month. Getting organized is helpful for having a pet. An organizational strategy can help you monitor pet health, care for pet gear and save money.

1. Pet food
Keep your pet's food fresh and your refrigerator odor-free by storing opened cans of pet food inside a plastic container with a lid. Save money by recycling plastic soup containers from the local Chinese restaurant. For dog food bags, use bag clips ($9.99) or transfer bag to a storage container with a seal tight lid.

2. Storing pet's gear
For less than $20, dog owners can purchase a canvas, shoe pocket organizer to store their pet's gear. Put leashes, doggie bags and other canine stuff in the pockets. An organizer can hang on the back of an apartment door or on the inside of a closet door.

3. A toy caddy
A children's toy caddy for about $14.95 is a great way to deal with toys. Store your pooch's favorites in the caddy which can easily be carried with you from room to room to pick up toys, or be stored on a closet or utility room shelf.

4. Where to put grooming equipment
Use a gardner's bag ($13.95) to store grooming equipment. Scissors, combs, brushes and barrets can be stored in the outside pockets. Clippers, shampoos and other fur accoutrements can be placed in the larger roomer interior.

5. Taking care clothing
Keep cleaned clothes and accessories in stored, airtight plastic storge containers which can cost about $28.00. In the spring and summer, store clothes with cedar blocks or balls if fabrics are prone to be endangered by moths.

6. Keeping your pet's calendar
A breed calendar, priced at about $13.95, breed calendar can be used to keep your dog's vet appointments, dates for monthly medications, food purchases, kennel and petsitting reservations, training and other classes and charity and pet events.

7. Record keeping
An expandable file can keep your pet's record's in one place. Price start at $13.95+.