Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Deed Undone

Aspen Pet Products donated and delivered 1,000 meals to their local Humane Society. The Colorado society had to throw away 98 percent of its food supply due to the Menu Foods recall. The Company hopes to encourage other pet product companies (locally and nationally)to get involved with this crisis.

Letters to Valued Customers

Another Letter

Dear Valued PetSmart customer:

As you have probably heard, Menu Foods, a national manufacturer of pet foods, issued a voluntary recall of canned and pouched wet dog and cat food manufactured in two of its facilities between December 2006 and March 2007. Again, this is a recall of a specific type of wet pet food made by Menu Foods. Other wet pet foods and all dry pet food and treats are not impacted by this recall.

Menu Foods initiated the recall after receiving reports that some of its foods may be the cause of reported illnesses and kidney failure in dogs and cats. Menu Foods distributes these products to supermarkets, mass merchandisers and pet specialty stores, including PetSmart®, under a variety of brand names.

Click here to see a complete list of PetSmart products that are part of the recall, as well as their respective UPCs (also referred to as the bar code). The bar code can be found on the product label; the UPC is under the series of bars. As a reminder, the items listed are the only items that PetSmart carries that have been affected by the recall.

In the meantime, we have pulled all recalled products from our store shelves and have a process in place to help ensure they're not restocked or distributed in any way. The brands and products currently on our shelves are considered safe.

If you have purchased any of the recalled items, you should discontinue use immediately. We recommend you contact your vet if you have any concerns that your pet may have been affected. Symptoms may include:

Vomiting (this is usually the first sign)
Refusal to eat
Abnormal increase in water consumption
Abnormal increase in urination
If you're interested in finding out more about what kinds of tests vets recommend to make a diagnosis, click here.

Additionally, if you are looking for a recommendation for your unique pet food needs, please visit our Smart Nutrition Selector on our website. Or, if you need additional assistance while in the store, feel free to ask an associate. If you know of any other pet parents that are in search of more information, please share this with them.

If you have food that is a part of the recall, you can bring it back to PetSmart for a complete refund. Or, we'll exchange your items with any dry food or alternative canned or foiled pouched wet foods that we have in stock.

Please remember, this recall affects only specific wet pet food items. All dry pet food and treats are not impacted by this recall.

We also encourage customers with concerns or questions to contact any of the companies listed below:

Authority – 1-866-738-7375
Award – 1-866-738-7375
Eukanuba – 1-800-882-1591 (
Grreat Choice – 1-866-738-7375
Hills/Science Diet – 1-800-445-5777 (
Iams – 1-800-882-1591 (
Menu Foods – 1-866-463-6738 (
Mighty Dog – 1-800-778-7462 (
Mixables – 1-303-768-8400 (
Nutro – 1-800-833-5330 (
Sophisticat – 1-866-738-7375

At PetSmart, we're very concerned pet parents too, and we will do everything in our power to help. Please visit for the most up-to-date information. If you have any additional questions about the Menu Foods recall, please call our Customer Service line at 1-866-738-7375.


Philip L. Francis
Chairman & CEO, PetSmart, Inc.

I Don't Give Shih-Tzuh

Want to watch something hot? Check out husband and wife team, Mike and Sandy's new marketing campaign video. I love it. Click here . The only problem with this video is that the viewer does not know they are selling these great shirts called identi-tees.

Safety on Mars

I got this letter form Mars...

On March 16, Menu Foods, a manufacturer of pet foods, announced that it was recalling millions of cans and foil pouches of wet dog and cat food.

This recent nationwide pet food recall does not include any Mars Petcare US pet food products. All of our brands, including PEDIGREE® food for dogs, CESAR® canine cuisine, THE GOODLIFE RECIPE™ food for cats and dogs, WHISKAS® and SHEBA® food for cats, are safe for pets to enjoy.

The safety and nutritional quality of our pet food is our top priority because for many people, their pets are their top priorities.

For details on the recall, contact Menu Foods at 1-866-895-2708 or visit the company’s web site at:

Yours truly,

Mars Petcare US

Skinny Owner, Overweight Pet

These days, if you want to sell it, sell it with a dog. Jonathan Adler, an interior designer and potter, can be found in the Sharpe Aquos flat screen tv ad with his Norwich Terrier. In 1999, Jonathan with his partner, Simon Doonan, adopted Liberace. Liberace is about 8 years of age. From checking out the size of his dog, Jonathan needs to spend a little less time thinking about color but more time thinking about the health of his dog. The cutie is a tad overweight. Jonathan, I am not ragging on you but my senior pet needs to trim down too.So, we are going to send you a fitness guide for your Liberace.

PS. For you curious folks, Liberace is seen on one of Jonathan Adler's dog pets. The custom order dog beds come in two sizes:small at $97 and large at $112.00. They are stuffed with a poly-fill. Order either in any of his Graphic Wool patterns and in any of his wool color combinations. For pattern options,click for the Graphic pillows section.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just Like Everyone Else

What a concerned pet parent is Orlando Bloom! The hottie was recently photographed picking up his dog, Sidi from his London vet. Good boy, Orlando.
To learn more about the veterinary health profession, check out

Keeping it in the Family

I love this Phatfarm family ad. Look at Ms. Kimora holding her favorite pooch, little, black Zoe. Kimora who has dogs, cats, birds, hermit crabs and fish, travels extensively with Zoe and Beluga, her Toy Poodle. She is a lot like American Express...she doesn't like to leave home without them.

It's all about control and a little luck

Serena Williams admitted to People Mag in the March 19th issue that her Jackie Russell, Jackie, is a pushy bitch. Miss Serena also mentioned that she is not allowed in pets stores because she will always come out with another dog. Does that mean that Laurelei, her Maltese, is an impulse purchase? Is Serena destined to become another pet collector like Paris? It is obvious that she needs a little help with the dogs...Last month, it was reported on Page 6 that Serena left open the terrace door of The Bryant Park Hotel Suite and the pair jumped over a planter and entered the room of another hotel guest. Just like Goldilocks, the two were found sleeping on his bed. Morale of the story: Consider yourself lucky, that the two didn't jump off the terrace and were found sleeping on the sidewalk.

Misstep with Fresh Step

Friends and family call me "Bleach". That's cuz I'm devoted to Chlorox. And there are occasions lately, when I use the Chlorox product, Fresh Step Crystals. Not my brand of choice but they sell the bag in my Associated Supermarket on Mulberry Street. And I am addicted to crystals. I am a cat owner too or should I say three; Harrison, Hayden and Hamilton-the three Himalayans. CFA ranked cats. Get the picture. But dear Chlorox, you to be kidding me with this new Fresh Step campaign. A cat holding its crotch and the slogan that reads "It is hard to find your litter box if you can't smell it." So tell me, what is the meaning of your newest ad? Are you telling me and the millions of cat owners that cats are so stupid that their litterboxes have to stink for them to remember where their litterboxes are? Hmmm. Another thought...If I use your products, my box will be so clean and odor free but then, there is the possiblity that I might have the misfortune of having an inappropriate elimination problems with my cats because they could potentially forget where to find their litterboxes. Then, of course, there is the potential bladder problem to deal with since my cat or should I say yours, is "holding" it. If you have any comments for me, you know where to find me.

Frenchies Love Their Cesar

In the recent Cesar Canine Cusine campaign, management has traded up from the Westie, the Papillion, the Daschund, for the very popular French Bull Dog. Cesar pet food comes in 15 mouth watering flavors and most importantly, has not been affected by the Menu Food pet food recall.

Goodnight Gracie

Indie Princess Parker Posey has a BFF, Gracie. Gracie is her Poodle mix. Parker and Gracie are in photographed in the April issue of Luckymagazine Although Posey is recognized for her downtown fashion sense, appearing as a judge in the finale in Project Runway- Season 1, she darns not to dress or adorn Gracie in style. I think Gracie needs a care package with some fun, retro looks. My mission this week...find some cool things for Gracie.

Keds loves Dogs

Ziggy Stardust and Charlie, the dogs of actress Mischa Barton, are featured in her new ad campaign with the 85 year old sneaker brand. Although you will see new pooch, Ziggy in most the featured shots, browse around the site and you will see that Charlie got equal face time.

An four-legged escort to the celebrities

Oh to be carefree, gallant and nonchalant. Those are the characteristics of the loveable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. So, if you are a Cavalier King Charles dog lover, you will be happy to know that US magazine did a little report on this lively dog. See the April 2nd issue on page 73. Other than Courtney Cox (Hooper & Harley), Mischa(Charlie) and Jennifer-Love(Charlie), so many celebrities have this dog breed. That picture by the way, is Amanda Byrnes with Midge. But what US didn't report is that it appears that the celebrities like Liv Tyler(Neal), Nancy and Ronald Reagan (Rex), Mary Hart(Pumpkin), Paulina Porizkova(Dexter), Queen Victoria (Dash), Diane Sawyer (Lila), who have this great pooch appear to be very happy, lively and confident individuals. Think about it! Look who has or has or had a Chihuahua-Madge, Britney, Jenny from the Block, Paris...

No Pets Allowed

Promises Rehabilition Centers located in Malibu and West Hollywood has a no pets allowed policy but obviously, the center bent another of their rules for Pop Tart, Britney Spears. Before leaving the facility, Spears was toting her Chihuahua, Snow White, all over the place. Just goes to show you, she needed to hold on to something while in therapy. Let's just hope that she doesn't chuck this fair maiden like she did of Lucky, Lucy and Bit-Bit. Rumor has it that Kevin made her get rid of the dogs because they didn't like him and becuase her ill-mannered the dogs were not housebroken and pooped all over the mansion's floors. And of course, with children crawling around that would make for some messy, smelly children. Good luck Snow White we are pulling for you. We really hope you survive the wicked queen.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Smile for Prizes

Throughout the month of April, the Planet Dog Company Store will be collecting entries for their first “Smilers Contest” in conjunction with The Bark magazine.
The five finalists’ pictures will be sent to the editors of The Bark, who will select the grand-smile winner. Winners will receive several prizes, including placement of their picture in the coveted “Smiler’s Circle” on the cover of The Bark. Other prizes include a year’s subscription to the magazine, a “Dog is my co-pilot” T-shirt and bumper sticker, and fame in our local doggie community.

Cat Consideration

While on the red carpet and beautifully dressed in blue, Jodi Foster, could think of no one else expect the new, little bundle of joy in her life. She admnitted that she spent some time during the day enjoying a shopping spree. Actually, she was not shopping for herself but her a new kitty cat, Jedi. Just so you know folks, Jodi shops at Petco.

Legal Blonde on Broadway

Omigod, Elle Woods and Bruiser coming to Broadway. I am not so sure about this one. Who can replace Reese and Moonie, the Chihuahua. Any way, if I go, I am only going to see the wonderful work of Broadway Animal Trainer, Bill Berloni. If you click here and wait patiently thru some of the scenes, you will have the opportunity to watch Margo and Bruiser in action, conversing about Elle. Fine work Bill!

Prevent Another Loss-Collar Me Up

It seems that People magazine included a picture of Jennifer Aniston, post 38th birthday bash, walking alone on the beach with her two dogs, Dolly and Norman. But Dolly was leashed up, I guess like Brad, she doesn't come when called. Or maybe she is keeping a tight reign on Dolly so that Norm and Dolly will not wander off and leave her. Alas, life lessons learned from dogs.

The Claws of an Editor

Bravo's newest reality competition series “Top Design” offers a behind the scenes look at the creative and competitive interior designers. Once again, the Bravo formula includes three judges who each week opine about the designed creations of the interior designers. One such judge is the Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Magazine, “Top Design” judge Margaret Russell.

A few weeks ago on the show, one designer was told to create a bedroom for a child client with who owned a cat. During the judging Ms. Margaret told this young, male designer, "You can't just design a room around a cat." Meeee-oooow! Was she ever wrong. How many cat owners or rather pet owners buy or design a home or apartment around their pets? Wake up Margearet, alot! But I have to admit, what you said to NY Magazine's Beth Landerman ( March 5, 2005-p.12) was very amusing, which was, "I don't want to be remembered as the person who hates cats. It will probably wind up on my tombstone."

So, I am going to send you a little present. in the mail. I hope you like.

Monday, March 05, 2007


This is a morning for ATL news. I just read in US Magazine that Usher is engaged to long time, ATL hottie. I met her once with Usher and she seems like a sweet girl. I met them both when Usher and I were doing The View. I must admit I was shocked that for such a big, big star, Usher was so sweet and nice. His mother raised him right. Very personable and ladies, he is even an animal lover. Clay Aiken with his pooch was there too. Just so you know, he's not such a big star and not so nice. I was extremely unimpressed. I guess he was worried that JOY would ask him abut his sexual preference.

Kym Rocks It Out Doggie Style

This morning I was having an email exchange with my ATL homegirl, Kym, better know as The Celebrity Dog Watcher. If you haven't seen her site, check her site out
here. High snaps to Kym because the NY Post, is keeping it real, using her up to the minute information and photos about celebrities and their dogs.