Friday, January 19, 2007

Blonde Bunnies Have Fun with Dogs

Either you love him or you are just plain jealous of big dawg Hugh Hefner. In his silver-haired years, there is alot of action going on at that the Playboy Mansion. His three hot girlfriends all love dogs and a cat named Gizmo. They have parties for them, have the groomer and the dentist come in, and like all good hot mamas they worry about their furkids. My favorite bunny girlfriend is Holly. Holly, I read yesterday that you and Hugh are thinking about having a real baby. Go get'em girl. I love ya.

Romy & Jacob Swag It Out

Bitches are barking and tails are waggin about Canada's Romy & Jacob attending the Golden Globes Swag-a-thon in Hancock Park last weekend. Romy and Jacob products are hot, hot, hot even if they do make some cool coats. Political correct or not, there fur coats for dogs are the tres chic!

The Problems with Alligators, Birds and Others on Business Trips

Increasing numbers of people are taking pets on business trips. But imagine the challenge when the animal is not the typical dog or cat. Of course, most business travel with animals does not involve alligators. The most common traveling animal is the pet dog, and then the cat, though cats are notorious for finding hiding spots in hotel rooms, usually at checkout time. Birds fly, but they are not especially good at being flown. Most people who travel professionally with birds, go almost exclusively by car.

Rich Bitch Fights for Spotlight

Seems that the fur continues to fly in Palm Beach. The Insider dug-up some old dirty on an old rivarly in Palm Beach. It seems that Chrissy Santi, a 13-year-old long-haired Chihuahua, who is known to wear $18, 000 worth of diamonds and sapphire, is the rival for the Lulu Pontarelli, the editor of the Palm Beach Pet Society. It started when Lulu couldn't compete in the Doscars, a local competition in which the most posh canines strut their stuff, because she is the editor of the magazine. Chrissy won for her rendition of "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." Oh Bark! That's okay old girl, you are still hot to trot.


Spoiled, Rich Pets

One of the best-selling books in Palm Beach is Palm Beach Pet Society, a photo array of the resort town's most pampered pets and their owners. Retailing for $20 (proceeds go to local animal charities), the 140-page coffee-table book was published by Palm Beach Society magazine, which flew in New York pet photographer Jim Dratfield. Among the photos: portraits of female cats and dogs wearing an estimated $16 million to $20 million worth of bling borrowed from local jewelry outlets, among them Tiffany and Chopard. Males were shot "driving" luxury vehicles.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stare at this down

Got this from Check out Iams "The Great American Cat Stare-Off". This website created by Beam Interactive is away to experience the feline ability to sit still and stare unblinkingly for minutes at a time. The site simulates just such an experience for those bold enough to accept the challenge, and rewards you with a cat food coupon for your efforts.

Sweaters for Sales

Since 2002, Cosmic Knits has designed, marketed and distributed knitted sweaters for dogs and their human companions. Although most of us knew already, the company has finally announced that it is upfor sale. The asking price $250,00. If you are interested, contact

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Dog Can't Leave Italy without a Health Test

Americans living in Naples who want to fly their dogs home on commercial airliners must first get their pets tested for leishmaniasis, a disease spread by the bite of an infected sand fly, before a pet passport will be issued, officials said. The law is an effort to curtail the spread of the sometimes-fatal illness to other countries. The sand fly thrives in the heat and has been a problem for troops serving in the Middle East. Leishmaniasis affects the skin; the mouth, nose and throat and which can disfigure; and the internal organs. Left untreated it can be fatal. Symptoms in dogs include hair loss on the rims of the ears or scaling and crusting of skin on their noses, Price said.Dogs should wear what is called a Scalibor collar between the peak season of April through October. The collars are available at Italian pharmacies and at the base vet clinic. Dogs infected with the disease should wear the collars year-round.
It’s better to treat infected dogs in Europe because diagnosis and treatment are more effective than in the States, where the disease is not as prevalent.
Cats don’t seem to be attacked by sand flies and do not require the test. Learn more about it here.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Three Dumb Blonds

Celebrity stylist, Ken Paves, created clip-in hair extensions (Hairdo™) that Jessica Simpson wears every day. He’s made it so easy for Jessica that she just clips these hair extensions in and go. I really doubt that she can do it herself. Now, Jessica and her fans can change their hair as often as they change their mind. Just a quick question, Jessica: Does your walker offer extension for dogs too? consider having him coif your Maltipoo, Daisy, she always looks shabby and I ain't talking about no shabby chic. Look for Jessica, Daisy and her necessary companion, Ken Paves and on HSN.Com January 16th and 17th. For more information, call 1-866-980-5377 or visit her hair site.

Doggie Fashion Whore

Famke Janssen says she became a "doggie fashion whore" and that she treats Licorce, her Boston Terrier, just like a baby. She admits that she is consumed by "Lick" and she can't wait to dress Lick in his cashmere and take him for a walk. Cashmere sweaters, raincoats, collars, and leashes to match - from Prada to Burberry's." Check out her on video at the Peta website discussing her new ad for the controversial organization.

Practice Makes Perfect NOTO

After a shopping trip to Kitson, NOTO, as I like to call Tori Spelling, was seen pushing Mimi La Rue in a Walk-n-Roll pet stroller. NOTO is five months pregnant and can no longer carry the heavy Pug. Pet Strollers are great and I use one for my 15 year old, American Cocker Spaniel, Kidder that has alot of trouble walking. But for pet owners they are great for eating out; getting your dog out and about, especially if he is old or sick. Personally, I prefer the petgear stroller. Visit

Ruff News For Heather Mills McCartney

Although it is reported that Heather is getting death threats as a result of her battles with Sir Paul but her dog, Dolly, has also injured her right leg. Like mother, like dog. As so many of you know, Heather lost her leg in 1993 in a motorcycle accident but I bet you didn't know that Heather also also recently launched a new campaign to stop the terrible international trade in cat and dog fur. Go girl and by the way, Happy Birthday to a fellow Capricorn.

An 80lbs Anorexic, Mary-Kate Olsen

Poor, frail and painfully thin Mary-Kate Olsen. I bet she can no longer walk her energic, adolscent dog, Luca. Some advice, MK. Share your secrets and anxieties with Luca. He can keep a secret and really doesn't care how you look as long as you continue to love and feed him. Recognize that if you continue to stay so thin, he will not be able to enjoy your company. Trust your in him, he will guide you thru your times of trouble. Good thing you got rid of that eating coach. Look to Luca for help. Labradors love to eat.

Dolls Have Dogs

A little more than a year ago, executives at the dollmaker American Girl created a character so compelling that parents will pay $86 for an 18-inch doll and a paperback book. Working from customer feedback culled from its magazine, Web and book-publishing empire, the company determined that the typical girl these days is dependable, athletic and loves animals. She is also completely overscheduled and stressed. See American Girl
But American parents, let's face facts. Why don't they create what little girls really want. A true American Doll. A rich, bottled blonde girl that has no desire to work because her parents give her everything including an American Express Gold Card, cell phone and of course, condone her practice of underage sex. She is only interested in marrying right of college and having a baby because is so modernly traditionally. Of course, she has an accessory dog that eats her shoes because she forgets to feed it and le petit chien pisses on her carpet because she refuse to walk it but only carry it a Juicy Couture carrying bag. Well, that's what my friends who own pet stores tell me.

Lookalikes that Dress A Like

I found this picture of Richard Beltzer and his dog in the in the NY post under the 2006 Celebrity Photos. They are both pale; have big eyes, noses and ears and are dressed a like. Do you look like your dog?

No Coated Canines

I spoke to my friend, Julie Abdu, the owner of Thayer and Ridge. She was upset because the weather is so warm and canines in the Northeast are not wearing coats. So, of course, pet stores are not re-ordering. Julie and her team, make a fine coat. And then of course, because she is my friend, I gave her a great idea. I told her to spent her time this summer marketing her wares to pet boutiques where the winters are bad like Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and other states with blizzard like conditions (i.e: Colorado). And, to break out with a topper coat, a lite-weight winter coat for dogs who are living in the Northeast. I bet she does it because if I do say so myself, I got great fucking ideas. Read my monthly column in Pet Business

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dog Owners Stay Away From Finland

Various studies that suggest that dog owners have lower blood pressure or report fewer doctor visits and better mental health. Well, not in Finland. Leena K. Koivusilta and Ansa Ojanlatva, two researchers at the University of Turku, looked through data collected in a health survey of 21,101 Finns. They found that the pet owners looked, if anything, sicker than pet-free people. Pet owners were more likely to suffer from illnesses that included high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ulcers, depression and kidney disease. They smoked more (though drank less) than people who did not own pets. Dog owners were also fatter. In sum, in Finland, pet owners tended to be poorer, less educated and older, and those factors, rather than pets, probably explain the health disparity. The study information can be found here.

Inotherwords, don't take your pet to Finland because you will lose your money and education and get fat to combat the cold. But Helinski is beautiful. Weigh your options carefully.

Rub Us Both

The Ritz-Carlton (Sarasota) offers the privileged pup pet massage services/lessons for $130.00 plus the $125.00 non-refundable room deposit. Florida law says veterinary procedures -- including massages -- must be done in a vet's office unless it is for educational purposes. So Spa Director, Darlene Davison, and five other dog-certified spa employees use the hour to demonstrate Swedish, sports or relaxation massage techniques to dog owners. For another $220, the Ritz throws in gourmet dog biscuits, an in-room pet massage, a choice of nail buffing or nail polish, a souvenir photo, a brisk walk over Sarasota's scenic Ringling Bridge and a gourmet meal of organic stew and designer water served on a silver tray. Although I am quoted in the article, I would spend $250 or more to get us both rubbed down together. Imagine looking over and seeing your pet enjoying the same massage services as you. That would be fun!

Hoard and Save

City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden, has launched a new crusade: cracking down on "animal hoarding". The anti-hoarding program is a joint effort that includes reps from the Health Department, the mayor's alliance for animals, the ASPCA and the Animal Control Center. Rescued animals are brought to center for medical treatment, spayed and neutered and put up for adoption. The program is funded through The Fund for Public Health and the Regina B. Frankenberg Foundation.

Since the program was launched last year, health and animal-protection workers have investigated 94 homes, said Allison Cardona, ASPCA chief hoarding prober.
The shocking discoveries include:
* 100 cats in one house on Staten Island.
* 70 cats in a Queens apartment.
* 30 dogs in a Bronx apartment.
* 26 poodles in a Brooklyn apartment.

Rescuers said the hoarders are not intentionally committing animal cruelty. Citizens are urged to report hoarders to 311 or the ASPCA at (212) 876-7700.

Comment: I spoke to a hoarder once. He called me from Columbia Presbyterian hospital. He got Cat Scratching Fever from feeding colony of feral cats. He needed a pet sitter to go to his house in New Jersey and feed his 50 cats and 9 dogs. I found someone to help him. The condition at his home were not deporable; it was tidy but he did not have any furniture and slept on a small bed. He couldn't have much more than that because the animals destroyed everything including his life. He was a notable lecturer that was one time financially sound but then he started to save pet lives and he got lost. I tried to help him place the cats but he just couldn't bare to give the animals away. I hope that programs like this can help people like him. Thumbs up to New York City, the greatest city in the world.
To learn more about Hoarding cases: here.