Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got A Bulldog

According to the 2007 American Kennel Club registration figures, the Bulldog muscled its way into the 10th spot on the organization's annual list of the most popular breeds in America. This year, it was revealed that in 2008, the popular college mascot breed waddled its way up to the number 8 spot, while the Labrador still continues to remain the most popular dog breed in the United States. What spot will the bulldog take in 2009? Inquiring minds want to know.

But really, whether you have a Bulldog #8, Labrador #1, Yorkshire Terrier #2, Dachshund #7, Poodle #9 or Pug #15, you are your dog's biggest fan. Although my breed is not represented, I have become smitten with this kennel of FouFou Dog luggage tags. They are just adorable! Currently, they come in the styles of 11 popular dog breeds, as well as a cat! Inside each tag, you will find a standard address card for you to fill out.

I don't just use them for my luggage -- I use them to hang off my purse. Believe me when I tell you they are real conversation starters and networking tools. Everyone wants to know where I got them. And, although FouFou Dog will introduce a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the fall of 2009, I only wish they would introduce my breed, the English Toy Spaniel. I bet Portuguese Water Dog, Bobama (as I like to call him) wishes the same.

Feline Jumping For Joy

My cat, Hayden, loves the BOLT. In the last few weeks, my husband and I have been amused by Hayden's pouncing, chasing, jumping and batting at the laser dot throughout our kitchen. Hayden seems to enjoy the BOLT more than other laser toys because the laser patterns are more random than other laser toys, resulting in his higher level of enthusiastic play.

Additionally, the BOLT is different than other laser toys because it can be used automatically or manually. While my husband, Matthew, prefers to set in the automatic mode so that Hayden can get a timed, 15-minute play session, I choose to use it in the manual mode to create my own laser patterns. I use the adjustable mirror to aim the laser toy across a variety of surfaces like floors, tables, and walls and watch Hayden somersault into pure joy.

For Love Of A Dyson

I love Dyson! I got my first Dyson Animal Vac about five years ago, and I haven't been the same since. I vacuum in the morning, in the evening and even to relax. I enjoy the vacuum so much, I want to share the experience with my friends. Once, I even arranged to have one shipped to my friend, Bob Vetere, the President of the American Pet Products Association, for a holiday gift. Bob, who has a Golden Retriever, told me that he never vacuumed, but once he got the Dyson, he was never quite the same. Now, to his wife's delight, he actually likes to vacuum, and does so more frequently in their New England home.

Presently, I am enjoying the Dyson 25, a perfect apartment vacuum. Even with four dogs, two cats and two birds, Matthew and I still enjoy a clean home. Frequent vacuuming is most definitely par for the animal course in our house!

And, how can I forget! I use the Dyson Handheld in my car and around my desk to clean up the crumbs, dirt and cat hair.

Maybe you will be lucky, like Bob and I. One of you will have the opportunity to enjoy the new Air MuscleTM Dyson 28. The Air MuscleTM features three Dyson-engineered components that work together for the most thorough cleaning: (1) the penumatic actuator (pulls the cleaner head deeper into the carpet, opening the pile of your carpet to dislodge dirt and pet hair); (2) the powered cam (lifts the brush bar up for hard floors, directing suction); and (3) the high-torque club (provides more power to the brush bar, enabling the stiff bristles to open carpet pile and dislodge dirt).

But, really... all you need to know is that Dyson is a real sucker.