Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gang of Cats Take to the Streets

Sometimes, it is hard to be a good neighbor. But Helen and Richard Scott live on Jenkins Lane in Union Township, Clermont County, outside of Cincinnati, Ohio are more than good neighbors; they are animal lovers. When an elderly neighbor went to the nursing home, she left her cats behind and that's where the problem starts. At one point, she tried to get them all spayed and neutered but it just got out of hand.

Now, Scott and Richard live next door to at least 25+ cats who call the old woman's trailer home. According to Richard, a new litter is born almost every other week. When the Scott's spoke to elderly woman's son who he lives in Ashville, North Carolina about the situation, he said "Let the cats starve." The Scotts say they won't let that happen. They feed the cats twice a day and pay for the food on their own. Mrs. Scott notes, "There ain’t no way we can take care of all of them or have them fixed,” but "So, if someone would help us or come and get rid of them or pick them up if they really want a cat." They'd like to find a good home for all of the cats or at least find a way to get them spayed and neutered to make the cats more adoptable.

The Scotts contacted the Clermont County Health Department, the Clermont County Humane Society and the Clermont County Sheriff's Department, but didn't get any help. But once news 9News got involved airing a story, an unanimous donor offered help to the Clermont County Humane Society with this colony of cats that have overrun Jenkins Lane. Now, maybe these good neighbors and cat lovers will finally have some help.

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