Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paw-Themed Holidays

Dogs, cats and pet lovers across the country can expect some paw-themed presents under their trees this year. Although 93 percent of Americans say they’ll spend less or about the same as last year during this holiday season, an Associated Press-Petside.com poll revealed that pet owners are planning to buy their dogs and cats holiday gifts. But other than purchasing gifts, pets are involved in all aspects of the holiday celebration.

1. Getting Pet Prepared
If you are a pet owner and having people over the holidays, try to make your home as comfortable and pleasant smelling as possible. All Dyson vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters and motorized brush heads for powerful allergen removal and pet hair pick-up. The hand-held DC-31 is priced at $269.99 but as a bag-less vacuum it keeps more money in your wallet.

Additionally, if you are a cat owner, Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer, priced at approximately $3.90, neutralizes pet odors, even if you don’t have time to scoop.

2. Pet Tipping Etiquette
Tip your dog walker or pooper scooper one to two weeks’ salary presented in cash in a holiday card. For your groomer, the price of one grooming is a suitable holiday present. Put cash thank you gifts in Pet Set elegant cards and fine stationary. A box of pet professional thank you cards and envelopes are priced at $18.00+.

A tasteful, dog-themed item like a chocolate dog from Martine's Chocolates is a great optional gift from your dog. Dogs are made in dark, milk and white chocolate. Chocolate dogs are priced from $10 and up. Martine's Yorkie, Scottie or Chihuahua, also makes a great secret santa gifts.

3. Holiday Hostess Gifting
Differentiate yourself from the rest of the guest pack by bringing the host of the holiday party something for her or her dog. For the dog, consider the LL Bean Holiday Gift Tote from Planet Dog, priced at $29. The toys will the dog “busy” and away from the holiday hub-bub. For the hostess, purchase a beautiful, hand-painted glass ornament of her breed priced from Bronner's from $4.99 and up.

4. Green Pet Gifts
If you are all about the eco-friendly way of life, share that lifestyle with your pet too. Whether you have a puppy who needs a smaller toy, a senior that likes to cuddle or a dog lke a Golden retriever who lives to carry items in his mouth, Simply Fido has a 100% organic toys for your pooch. Toys priced from $11-$34.00.

5. Creature Comforts
Dog sleep about 18 hours a day and cats tend to sleep all day and prowl all night. When your pet does sleep, keep him warm and comfortable whether he prefers to spend his time on the floor with a Bumper Bed ($66 to $158) or on the couch with a Nature Nap($19.90-63.90) by West Paw Design.

6. For Cats
As complicated as they are, cats love the simple pleasures in life-something as easy as playing, sleeping and/or hiding in a cardboard box. Treat your cat to Caboodle to bring out your pet’s natural instincts. Cat love the texture and feel; pets owners love that the product is USA made, recyclable and sustainable. Leave it au naturale or decorate it as a family arts and crafts project. The price is right at $29.95.

7. Dress for the Occasion
A doggie tee goes a long way this holiday season. Consider a t-shirt to make your pet look adorable for the Christmas Day photos. At PetSmart for about $8.00.

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