Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dolls Have Dogs

A little more than a year ago, executives at the dollmaker American Girl created a character so compelling that parents will pay $86 for an 18-inch doll and a paperback book. Working from customer feedback culled from its magazine, Web and book-publishing empire, the company determined that the typical girl these days is dependable, athletic and loves animals. She is also completely overscheduled and stressed. See American Girl
But American parents, let's face facts. Why don't they create what little girls really want. A true American Doll. A rich, bottled blonde girl that has no desire to work because her parents give her everything including an American Express Gold Card, cell phone and of course, condone her practice of underage sex. She is only interested in marrying right of college and having a baby because is so modernly traditionally. Of course, she has an accessory dog that eats her shoes because she forgets to feed it and le petit chien pisses on her carpet because she refuse to walk it but only carry it a Juicy Couture carrying bag. Well, that's what my friends who own pet stores tell me.

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