Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rub Us Both

The Ritz-Carlton (Sarasota) offers the privileged pup pet massage services/lessons for $130.00 plus the $125.00 non-refundable room deposit. Florida law says veterinary procedures -- including massages -- must be done in a vet's office unless it is for educational purposes. So Spa Director, Darlene Davison, and five other dog-certified spa employees use the hour to demonstrate Swedish, sports or relaxation massage techniques to dog owners. For another $220, the Ritz throws in gourmet dog biscuits, an in-room pet massage, a choice of nail buffing or nail polish, a souvenir photo, a brisk walk over Sarasota's scenic Ringling Bridge and a gourmet meal of organic stew and designer water served on a silver tray. Although I am quoted in the article, I would spend $250 or more to get us both rubbed down together. Imagine looking over and seeing your pet enjoying the same massage services as you. That would be fun!

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