Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pet's Jazz Up Our Lives

This week, May 4-10, is National Pet Week ("NPW"). This celebration includes paying tribute to the more than 172 million companion animals that live in this country and the remarkable role that they play in improving the quality of our lives. All across the nation, pet owners, pet professionals and others will use this opportunity to educate the public on how pets improve human health, and how pet owners can return the favor.

National Pet Week was established in 1981 by the AVMA and its charitable auxiliary to promote responsible pet ownership and awareness of veterinary medicine, and celebrate the human-animal bond. This year, the theme is "Pets Jazz up Our Lives" in recognition of the AVMA convention in New Orleans July 19-22.

Educating adults and children about responsible pet ownership is one of the most important elements of National Pet Week. Teachers are encouraged to visit the National Pet Week website here where they can download lesson plans and work sheets about pet safety and veterinary medicine.

Help celebrate National Pet Week by reminding everyone how important pets are in our lives. I am going to celebrate by writing my veterinarians and telling them how much important they are to me and my pets.

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