Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wash and Wear

A few months ago, I received a bottle of Pet Head shampoo in the mail from the company's PR firm. Somehow the box and the contents got damaged, but in this economy, I don't waste a thing. So, I opened the box carefully and immediately went to work, washing my four dogs, not wasting a drop of the moisturizing shampoo. I used the purple bottle, "Feeling Flaky", because my dogs have sensitive skin. It was a great grooming experience -- washing them with a nice shampoo that made them smell good and look great, too.

Now available in stores nationwide, this line of shampoos, creme rinses and sprays are specially formulated to suit all canine lifestyles and grooming needs. All Pet Head formulas are pH-adjusted and free of parabens, sulfates, DEA and are cruelty-free. Each product is packaged in bright and colorful 16.1 fl oz (475 ml) or 15.2 fl oz (450 ml) bottles. The product line includes:

Life's An Itch - skin-soothing shampoo so doggies won't scratch

Dirty Talk - deodorizing shampoo to make mutts smell sweet

Fears for Tears - tearless shampoo for pups who squirm in the bath

Quickie - quick-rinsing shampoo perfect for a fido who won't sit still

Feeling Flaky - dry and sensitive skin shampoo to add extra moisture to your pup's coat

Dry Clean - waterless spray shampoo for puppies afraid to get wet or ones the go

Furtastic - creme rinse for curly and long coats to make your K-9 silky and smooth

So Spoiled - conditioning creme rinse to give any dog an extra pampering treatment

Furball - detangling spray that makes for smooth brushing

Poof! - magical deodorizing spray to blast any stinky smell away

Besides the grooming products, Pet Head has styling products, such as brushes, trendy apparel and must-have accessories.

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