Monday, July 06, 2009

Dog Sniffing Out Nuts

This morning, CBS's Debbye Turner Bell reports about a dog trained to sniff out even the smallest traces of peanuts to help save the life of a boy with a severe allergy. Watch the video at the above listed link.

Furthermore, man's best friend already has been shown capable of sniffing out certain cancer cells and diabetes. They even have long been put to work in the hunt for illegal drugs and explosives. And now they are sniffing out peantus.

A Food Detector Dog can be a valuable tool for those with life threatening allergies. Since a dog’s sense of smell far surpasses that of humans, detection of odors is a perfect job for a correctly trained dog. Once extensively trained, a dog will easily be able to detect minute quantities of an allergen in any form; raw, cooked, oil, butter, dust, etc.

Because children can even be contact sensitive to common, everyday foods, they must be constantly protected. Many times they do not participate in group activities like church, school, or even a simple ball game. Because there is no cure for severe food allergies, these families need help to begin a life with more freedom.

Many families would love to have a companion like a guardian gog to help their child gain freedom. In an Early Show news story today, a pre-teen, who has a life-threatening allergic reaction to peanuts is profiled. Up until recently, his family feared for him to go out in public. Over the years, he was home schooled and had a limited social life. With the help of his beautiful, black Labrador retriever, he no longer needs to be a reclusive. His new constant companion has been specially trained to sniff out peanuts and if he detects any danger he warns the boy before it is too late.

Many families would love to have a companion like a guardian dog to help their child gain freedom. For most, the cost is prohibitive. The labor to train a dog to detect peanuts drives the price to about $10,000. And if a dog has an off day or is not properly trained, the consequences can be severe. For those interested in these dogs, contact the Southern Stary Ranch Boarding Kennel in Florence, Texas and the Florida Canine Academy.

Or perhaps, Angel Guardian Dogs can help you. They were formed to coordinate donations to help families one dog at a time.

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