Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mosquitoes Love Me

I hate mosquitoes, but they sure love me! As the weather has gotten warmer, they have feasted on my blood and left my arm and legs, covered with red, itchy bites. Over the years, I have sprayed bug spray on my arms and legs, as a preventative measure before going to bed at night. I'm sure you can imagine that my husband does not find the scent of bug spray to be very... well, romantic.

Recently, I was sent a sample of Bug Bam. Bug Bam was developed by an Australian outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist who was thwarted by mosquitoes on his wilderness adventures. While I may not be in the outback on Broome Street in NYC, I can say that wearing a Bug Bam wristband to bed has hindered those mosquito predators from enjoying me as a midnight snack. Now, I have pleasant dreams and wake up without itching. To my advantage, my husband doesn't mind the scent.
How does it work? The product emits the scent of all-natural, plant-based essential oils (geranium, citronella and lemongrass) all around the wearer. It also masks human odors (carbon dioxide, breath, sweat), effectively making you invisible to mosquitoes.

Moreover, in April the company launched a new mosquito-repelling, 100% natural dog tag. According to the American Heartworm Society, cases of deadly mosquito-borne disease are on the rise. And as a health-conscious pet parent, I want to do everything I can to protect my four English Toy Spaniels. Although they do receive a heartworm preventative year round, I wanted to give them extra protection without harm. Bug Bam's product contains only EPA/FDA-approved, natural ingredients. It repels mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Furthermore, each tag lasts up to fifteen days (a 2-pack is a month's supply).

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