Friday, July 03, 2009

Tough Economic Times Spare Dogs Big Booms

Patriotic pride is bumping up against economic reality again this summer, as communities across the country struggle to fund Fourth of July fireworks displays. The annual light shows are being scaled back in many places or have been canceled in many counties across the country. Moreover, most communities have avoided blackouts by cutting budgets to match the economic times, or finding private benefactors.

In any case, communities that are continuing to celebrate this wonderful celebration, should remind their pet owners to take care of their dogs. While a booming fireworks display maybe the perfect culmination to Fourth of July festivities, pets can be frightened by such activities.

"Pets are family members, and most people include them in their holiday plans, but on a holiday full of activities like our nations' birthday, most pets will be more comfortable at home with their normal everyday routines," said Adam Goldfarb, director of the pets at risk program at The Humane Society of the United States. "So on this Fourth of July, spare your pets the stress of fireworks and crowds and ensure that everyone has a safe and happy holiday."

The HSUS recommends pet owners to leave your pet at home. Fireworks displays can be disorienting and frightening to pets, even those who are well socialized. Families can still enjoy the outdoor festivities by simply having someone remain home to look after pets.

For example, I will be going to two parties but stopping home after each fiesta to check to provide my four ETS with a snack and relief walk. Throughout the day, they will be supported with a scent of relief with the Comfort Zone with DAP. Comfort Zone is a phermone product which mimicks the hormones of nursing dog mother. ComfortZone comes into two forms: a spray and a plug-in. I will use both to avoid an at home stressful situation while I am celebrating the nation's birthday. Too bad, they can't come with me. I will miss them but I guess they will have to celebrate at home in their red, white and blue t-shirts or star and stripe bandanas.

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