Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY Doggie Magazine

Susan Hartzler, a publicist representing some pet brands, will launch, DIY Doggie magazine on the iPhone in November; each issue will be downloadable for just .99c.

Hartzler teamed up with Graphic Designer Michelle Hunt of Angry Girl Graphic Design to create DIY Doggie. The premier issue is packed with articles, photos and ads that every dog lover will appreciate. Readers are encouraged to enter the contests and show off their beloved best friend by visiting http://www.alphadogpr.com/.

Each issue of DIY Doggie will share unique ideas on bonding with your pet. One important method is to communicate with your dog and celebrated animal psychic Candi Cane Cooper will give tips each month. Leading dog masseuse, Pam Holt from Buddha Dog Massage, offers instructions on massaging your canine at home.

Hartzler, will keep dog lovers up to date on the latest trends for canines from food, fashion, medical breakthroughs, safety and travel, issues surrounding elderly and handicapped canines, anything to do with performance and sport dogs, therapy and service dogs, and all forms of training.

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dcapra said...

DIY Doggie!!! Awesome :)