Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dog Friendliness Coming to You

It has been a few months since the NY Auto Show and we just got the word that the 2010 Dog-Friendly Element can purchased on Nov. 16th.

Although we have reviewed the features way back over the summer, let's remind our readers what this fly whip is all about and why it is so dawggie, man.
The new Dog Friendly Element takes that concept canine design to another level. This Dog Friendly version (with an option price of $995) also includes a cushioned pet bed for afternoon naps and all-weather rubber floor mats decorated with an attractive toy bone pattern. Owners can brag about their Dog Friendliness with included emblems that stick onto the outside of the car. You can even decorate the second row of seats with a dog-patterned cover that matches the dog’s bed fabric.

Additionally, the 2010 Honda Element includes a luxurious Dog Friendly™ pet accommodation package with equipment like an extendable ramp for Rover to enter and exit the vehicle, a dedicated fan (because dogs get hot too), and a spill-resistant water bowl.
These features are more advanced than just four-legged frivolities -- they also improve the safety of transporting dogs in the car. The Dog Friendly equipment secures the dog in the Element’s cargo area with soft, seat-belt-grade nylon webbing, which keeps the dog from interfering with the driver and prevents pet and people injuries in the event of a frontal collision.
And between you and me, I am glad that they got a fun-loving Golden Retriever in the backseat and not a dog from a humane organization. It is about selling cars and not K9 politics, folks.

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