Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cost-Effective Solutions to Medicating Your Pet

One of the great things about Twitter is the variety of people you can "meet" to help you solve your problems. I am very excited that Wedgewood Pharmacy reached out to me to enlight me about their compounding services. Wedgewood Pharmacy located Swedesboro, NJ makes it easier for pet owners to give their pets medication, all while helping them save money.

The Company offers compound prescriptions in standard dosage forms ranging from capsules, oral powders and pastes, but they also offer innovative medication solutions. Some of their helpful solutions are listed below:

Gourmeds: For dogs and cats that love to chew, try their tasty chewable tablets available in natural chicken and fish flavors. Gourmeds are available for the most commonly prescribed compounded preparations.

Twist-A-Dose. This application available in 20 compounded preparations minimizes your physical contact with the preparation and can be applied directly to the pet's ear.

Tiny Tabs: These compressed, pillable tablets (smaller than Tic-Tacs), are for pets, like cats and toy dogs, that are difficult to pill. They are also great for especially bitter-tasting medication.

Granuales: Compounded granules help to reduce the risk of chemical exposure by inhaling powdered solutions

Biodegradable Beads and Pellets: This is the Company's latest innovations that is available for for antibiotic and chemotherapeutic compounded preparations.

Additionally, Wedgewood Pharmacy ships 95 percent of prescription orders the same day(Monday through Friday)they are placed. Pet owners must have valid prescriptions for compounded medication. Either send an original prescription or a fax of the original, patient and shipping information as well as a payment in advance. Wedgewood accepts major credit cards, including Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express.

If you need additional infomration, call 888-678-1967.

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Nicole Branson said...

Thanks for pharmacy info. Our Dalmation had arthritis, before he passed & it was sheer hell giving him those ginormous pills! My little Doxy may require meds in the future for arthritis too & it's already hard to get her to swallow the 1/3-1/2 a baby aspirin when she's sick. Great to know I can get things in a more palatable form.