Monday, November 16, 2009

Waiting for My Blue Book

Today, The Blue Book, was shipped to New York City for distribution. The magazine named for the Metropolitan Dog club’s colors, celebrates the Big Apple as the home of about 1.5 million dogs. The Blue Book was my brain child and I am the Editor and Chief.

My inspiration for the magazine came from my varied experiences in the dog world. Moreover, it was in the 1990s that I started to seriously contemplate the animal-human bond. My observations began as a student at the New York School of Dog Grooming. Night after night, dog owners would come from the five boroughs with their mixed, purebred, exotic and guide dogs for the students to groom. Concerned dog owners would drop off their dogs for a dose of beauty and good health. Upon their return, worry would instantly fade into a smile as they saw their dogs emerge from the grooming area. At the moment each dog and owner physically greeted each other, I saw the special relationship that existed between the two of them.

After all these years, I still appreciate observing the relationship between dogs and their owners. As I walk around my Little Italy neighborhood with my four English Toy Spaniels, I hope that some dog-loving tourists and area residents see the unique bond I share with my dogs and just don’t assume at that I am their kindly dog walker.

In this issue, Metropolitan Dog Club members continue share their love and knowledge of dogs with you. Be inspired as you learn how dogs promote human healing. Understand how to better care for senior dogs. Be prepared for common emergencies, whether you are indoors or out. And, with the arrival of Bo in the White House, many dog lovers have a renewed interest in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the canines who lived there—we have a story about that, too.

If you like to preview the Blue Book, click HERE.

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