Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Dogs Are So Smart and You Probably Say the Same Thing Too.

My mother used to say that her children were brillanteens. I really don't know where she got that expression from but it obviously started when we were in our teens. I guess it was her way of telling us and her friends that we were smart, smart asses. Even now, I say tell my dogs, "Mommy, knows you are just brillant." Moreover, my dogs are not only brillant, they are beautiful, and of course, can do no wrong. I am secretly adore the fact that they are snobby. Although I do feel bad that they are snooby to their friend Little Z who barks for them to play with her but they just ignore her and pretend that she is invisible. Poor Little Z. She is Westie and can't help barking herself to death.

But I read this story today. After reading it, I realized the dog belonged to the reporter's wife. Tell me what you think? Just curious if I read it right.

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