Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday, I borrowed my neighbor's copy of the NY Post. I couldn't resist. As a celebrity hound, I read Celebrity Living, US Magazine, Intouch and all those magazines the male species deems as just dreadful. But I just had to read about Naomi Campbell attacking yet another maid. Frankly, the story was boring, but I did find out some interesting news about Lindsay Lohan from Page Six of the New York Post.

Poor Lindsay, with her exhaustion, anoxeria, infamous daddy and hee motivating mama manager, who has had to keep an eye on her partying, and of course, those dolts that she chooses as boyfriends. Well, Cindy mentioned that Lindsay talked to her about the utter devotion that Lindsay shows for her dog. So, I am going to send Lindsay a care package of wellness products for her Maltese puppy, Chloe. P

Personally, I find Cindy a bit "dated." And besides, the general public really never got to see Jazzy or know him. Other than her book, which I must admit I have never read, Jazzy is all over New York or is it Juicy this time. Unfortunately, for Jazzy, I do remember Spike and I am sure most people to do. Joan Rivers always spoke of Spike. I met her in Grand Central a few years ago and asked where Spike was. She replied, "Dead! But I got a few other dogs to make me happy!" I expressed my condolences.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the close bond between pet and owner. I did never find out which kennel killed Jazzy. If you know, tell me. But Cindy is good friends with the meticulous Gayle Martz, owner of Sherpa, so she can't be all that bad.

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