Thursday, December 14, 2006

America's Blonde Bombshell Loves Dogs

Did you know Barbie® doll has a dog named Tanner™? This pooch is has a mouth, ears, and tail that move with your help! You can even “feed” Tanner dog biscuits! After the pup goes potty, just clean up with a special trash can and magnetic scooper. Good doggie!
(Forever Barbie at

My comment: So, I'm on the phone the other day with the Bob Vetere, the President of the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association and he tells me about Pooper Scooper Barbie. Frankly, I don't fucking believe it. Barbie is scooping up dog shit. No? For those So, I search the web and I find a picture. There is Barbie and she's with her dog. She looks like me: stylish, blonde and scooping up poop except I have four dogs and she only has one.
And last night, I'm watching the news and I see this woman talking about how Barbie is really making a come back. She tells the newscaster that the new Barbie is back to being cool and that she is buying her daughter one. So today, I decide to get the 411 about new Barbie. I call my friend, Cynthia, at Mattel and leave her a message to get me a BARBIE-complete with D-O-G. She's not there so I visit the Barbie website. And who would know that that Barbie is an animal lover. Barbie and her tweenie friends(See, have a lot of dogs. Cocker Spaniels, Maltese, Beagles, and a few mutts. And you can buy the dogs. And the dogs have pet totes, toys, food bowls and much more. That is way cool. And what is even cooler, there is a African American Barbie and she has a dog too.
Okay, here's the big Mattel mistake. White Barbie has a yellow lab and Black Barbie has a chocolate lab. Just for your information. I saw the black Barbie on the Target website. But Mattel are you trying to tell me something. Should white people have lighter, colored dogs and black people have darker or black dogs. Would that mean some breeds that don't come in dark colors might not be available for black people? What about people like me- mixed. Would you give me a mutt? I think Mattel should hire me to consult about their Barbie pet line. They need a knowledgeable pet consultant in this area. I think that I could really help. And, if Mattel or their culturally correct consultants read this, feel free to call because I am going to send this post over to your pr and marketing firm. I could use a really fun job.

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