Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In Defense of Britney-

Britney Spears was voted America's worst pet owner by the readers of New York and Hollywood Dog magazines. Give me a break! Britney, a bad dog mama, because she is no longer toting her pooches around the town. Darhlings, priorities change and hers have. Once she toted that dog, Kevin, around; he pissed all over her. And now, she is Paris's new bitch. Have you ever noticed Paris' as a lot of bitches but she can't keep a three-legged dog. Britney History Lesson: For those of you who don't know the history.... Bit-Bit hated Kevin and would always try to bite him. the dog was a better judge of character. Did she get rid of the dog? No, she made a compromise in her marriage and left the dog(s) at home. As I am sure you know, she has two children. So, is going to carry the dog and the babies in her arms together? We saw what happened when she tried to carry a cup of Joe and the baby or was it, Jamba Juice or Red Bull, the drink that she made so popular? Frankly, if she prefers to live her life in the tabloids, she needs Dr. Phil. If she lives in Hollywood, Kaballah seems to be the answer. Oh that's right it; she tried it. And if she wishes come to term with her self-esteem issues, she will check into a private hospital and get the help that she needs. Girl, Kevin gonnna do you in. He's gonna git some of your green with you actin all slutty and stuff. Put some draws on,(that's underwear for all you folks that don't know shit) and watch leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menance, Patty Duke and Father Knows Best. Then, invite Florence Henderson over for some tea. Discuss what you saw but not on a reality tv show with her.

So I ask you, readers of New York and Hollywood Dog magazine, what do you think of NoTORIous? Tori been pimping herself and that Mimi La Rue, the Pug of hers at every opportunity. And her dog even has ho ho name. Mimi of The Street-think Eva La Rue. She was selling her bitches stuff at the yard sale. NoTo sold Mimi's old shampoo for $20.00 I am sure Mr. Big is rolling over in his grave at her performance, know as Lifetime. Perhaps, there is some reason he only gave you $750,00. Noto, please stop blaming your mother. Okay, so Candy is a freak. Alot of mother's are worse. Look at Joan Crawford's kids. History Lesson: If you don't know, NoTORIous believes that she is the unrecognized pre-Paris plus Tinks. Remember the shirt- My dog can beat up Tinkerbell-(What did I just tell you. And in your defense, Noto, you did make a charity charm bracelet. jewelry But let's face it. You cheated on your husband for a married man with children. Hells Bells Girls. I haven't seen Mimi for awhile either.


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