Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday Pet Tips and other boring press releases

So, this week, I got a lot of press releases and most of them were boring. BORING. And very Boring. Puppy Hugger sent out a press release that was way, way, way too much language and not enough important content. Okay, so they launched a new website. BFD. What else have they done for pets and the industry lately? Next, Midnight Pass joined the APPMA. I like Brad W. He'd cool. He is like the mad professor of the pet industy always distributing kick-ass stuff for the industry and talking a mile a minute when he gets excited about his new products. High snaps for Brad W. The release listed his Company's accomplishments. Okay. At least, it was substantial listing. And lastly, I got a press release today about holiday pet tips.. What the Fuk. I got a Cancer Treatment Hospital in New York City talking about tips that the average Joe newscaster can write about and report on the news. Get some new pr people. This stuff is important but has seriously been posted everywhere for the last 5 years ago. I will say that of all the tips they provided I did like one that I want to share with you.....especially if you are a bread baker. So if you are baking bread or rolls and not those lame ass crescents like in the tv commercials, take heed from NYC Veterinary Specialists and their most unique tip.

"Bread Dough/Yeast -- Dogs may sneak some bread dough meant for holiday treats. In the process of rising, the dough expands in the stomach and the yeast produces ethanol. This can lead to severe problems including alcohol poisoning, stomach distension and potential torsion."

Oh, yeh and the on another note...the hospital is located across from Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre.

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Anonymous said...

You speak very large and bold about a lot of things...but this comment is in reference to vendors who put there hard earned money into ideas that are only created by the people –for the people – with the people and their pets.

Shut your trap. Keep your comments of BFD's to yourself...Basically if you have nothing to say that is a complimant then say nothing at all.

As far as the BFD for the Puppy Hugger's referencing past articles and interviews in gave them a great compliment only to 2 deface their character because they launched a new website.

Respectfully I like your work...but you talk a lot of BS...


BS Monitor...For Pets and Their Peoples