Monday, December 11, 2006

Celebrity Pet Rant and Rave

So, I received an email from NG who gave me a good tip about celebrities and their pets. Check out I am hooked. Find out what bubblehead celebrity left her dog in the store? See Jessica Simpson with Daisy. Have you noticed that Daisy never wears a leash and collar or id tags? I think that I need to send Jessica a holiday present for her dog. I am waiting to get the scoop on Foxy Brown and Honey Child. Will their mama goes to jail or do another stint in rehab? Let's just wait and see. You go, Nicole. We love you dressed in your Missoni clothes. I want to know if Missoni makes dog sweaters. IF you know, write me back. I am going to ask those Missoni woman-three generation- and each one is as bad as she wantta bee.

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