Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's all about control and a little luck

Serena Williams admitted to People Mag in the March 19th issue that her Jackie Russell, Jackie, is a pushy bitch. Miss Serena also mentioned that she is not allowed in pets stores because she will always come out with another dog. Does that mean that Laurelei, her Maltese, is an impulse purchase? Is Serena destined to become another pet collector like Paris? It is obvious that she needs a little help with the dogs...Last month, it was reported on Page 6 that Serena left open the terrace door of The Bryant Park Hotel Suite and the pair jumped over a planter and entered the room of another hotel guest. Just like Goldilocks, the two were found sleeping on his bed. Morale of the story: Consider yourself lucky, that the two didn't jump off the terrace and were found sleeping on the sidewalk.

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