Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Pets Allowed

Promises Rehabilition Centers located in Malibu and West Hollywood has a no pets allowed policy but obviously, the center bent another of their rules for Pop Tart, Britney Spears. Before leaving the facility, Spears was toting her Chihuahua, Snow White, all over the place. Just goes to show you, she needed to hold on to something while in therapy. Let's just hope that she doesn't chuck this fair maiden like she did of Lucky, Lucy and Bit-Bit. Rumor has it that Kevin made her get rid of the dogs because they didn't like him and becuase her ill-mannered the dogs were not housebroken and pooped all over the mansion's floors. And of course, with children crawling around that would make for some messy, smelly children. Good luck Snow White we are pulling for you. We really hope you survive the wicked queen.

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