Monday, March 26, 2007

Skinny Owner, Overweight Pet

These days, if you want to sell it, sell it with a dog. Jonathan Adler, an interior designer and potter, can be found in the Sharpe Aquos flat screen tv ad with his Norwich Terrier. In 1999, Jonathan with his partner, Simon Doonan, adopted Liberace. Liberace is about 8 years of age. From checking out the size of his dog, Jonathan needs to spend a little less time thinking about color but more time thinking about the health of his dog. The cutie is a tad overweight. Jonathan, I am not ragging on you but my senior pet needs to trim down too.So, we are going to send you a fitness guide for your Liberace.

PS. For you curious folks, Liberace is seen on one of Jonathan Adler's dog pets. The custom order dog beds come in two sizes:small at $97 and large at $112.00. They are stuffed with a poly-fill. Order either in any of his Graphic Wool patterns and in any of his wool color combinations. For pattern options,click for the Graphic pillows section.

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