Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Claws of an Editor

Bravo's newest reality competition series “Top Design” offers a behind the scenes look at the creative and competitive interior designers. Once again, the Bravo formula includes three judges who each week opine about the designed creations of the interior designers. One such judge is the Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Magazine, “Top Design” judge Margaret Russell.

A few weeks ago on the show, one designer was told to create a bedroom for a child client with who owned a cat. During the judging Ms. Margaret told this young, male designer, "You can't just design a room around a cat." Meeee-oooow! Was she ever wrong. How many cat owners or rather pet owners buy or design a home or apartment around their pets? Wake up Margearet, alot! But I have to admit, what you said to NY Magazine's Beth Landerman ( March 5, 2005-p.12) was very amusing, which was, "I don't want to be remembered as the person who hates cats. It will probably wind up on my tombstone."

So, I am going to send you a little present. in the mail. I hope you like.

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