Friday, April 10, 2009

Bully For Mastiff Sperm

Family Court Judge Cheryl Matthews was looking for Ashton Kutcher, assuming that she was to be "Punk'd" when a divorced couple showed up in her courtroom Wednesday morning with this question -- who gets the dog sperm?

Karen and Anthony Scully were hobby breeders until their divorce in 2002. When they split up, they also split up their six bullmastiffs: he kept four of them and she took two with her to Florida. Karen Scully, who lives in Florida, and her ex-husband, Anthony Scully of Oakland County, are feuding in Oakland County Circuit Court, presided overt by Matthew, over who owns semen belonging their three, AKC-registered bullmastiffs. Furthermore, both continue to raise bullmastiffs.

Judge Matthews, an admitted dog lover, ruled that it was not a divorce matter and told the couple they would have to fight it out in civil court. The case has been assigned to Oakland County Circuit Judge Leo Bowman.

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