Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pet Peeves

What I discourage most is running a quick errand with your dog unless you know that you can bring him or her into the store with you. It is bad manners to tie your dog up to a parking meter or other outdoor post for a number of reasons.
Besides deterring drivers from parking in certain spots, motorists will be afraid to approach your dog to put coin in the meter or will fear that your dog will jump up on their car and scratch it. Additionally, the presence of a dog in or near the portal of a store could also deter patrons and others from approaching the store. It is likewise dangerous to leave your dog tied up outside because he or she can be stolen.

I took these pictures last week. These Danes were tied-up outside Associated Market on Mulberry Street; the Rottweiler was tied up in front of an bar in which the bartender, his owner works-also on Mulberry Street; and the Weimaraner was tied up on Prince Street in front of the Prince Street Statin post office.

I discourage all readers to take their dogs on errands and leave him or her outside, unattended.

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MsBark - Rickina said...

Aww these pictures make me so sad. I wish I could go inside and ask them, would you like to tethered to some object? Thanks for puttin' them on blasT!