Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Recipe Challenge

I twitter and I cook. So of course, I was fascinated by the New York Times article about a woman in Northern Ireland who sends tweets about recipes. According to the author, Lawrence Downes, her work is an "awesome acts of compression. Ingredients, actions, quantities, times and temperatures — both Fahrenheit and Celsius — boiled down to utmost richness, density and clarity."

After studying her recipes, I concur. They were amazing. Part of the fun and challenge of Twitter is to make your point in 140 characters. So later in the day, when I went back to review the article, I also found a call to action by journalist Pete Wells. Mr. Wells challenged readers to take a long, involved recipe and condense it as much as possible. He then encouraged his challengers to share his share my passion for verbal compression, and post it on Twitter to include the characters #nytrc.

Well, I didn't take a long recipe but decided to share with you our Babbage Family Cheese Star Pet Treat Recipe.

Cheese Stars:Mix 2c wht flr/c grtd chddr chse/T bttr/1/2c mlk; Roll to 1/4"; cut stars for ckie sht. 200° 15min. Cool til firm. Refrig.

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